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Butt Augmentation: An Overview

There are two primary types of butt augmentation procedures performed by Dr. Patel.

One involves fat transfer from other areas of the body to the buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift).

The other is a non-invasive method using Sculptra injections.

The best procedure for you is dependent on your body type, desired buttocks size, and body fat composition.

An optimum waist-to-booty ratio is crucial for creating the hourglass shape you desire.


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Brazilian Butt Lift (Surgical)

Use your own fat to add permanent fullness, projection and shape.

Fat is harvested from more full areas to help give you a flatter tummy and an hour-glass waist. 

Your own fat is then precisely placed into your buttocks in multiple layers to improve your shape and give your curves a boost.  

Buttock Augmentation (Nonsurgical)

Sculptra is a good option when a patient doesn't have sufficient fat to perform a Brazilian Butt Lift.

If you don't have enough fat for a BBL, Sculptra can provide some volume and shape.  Sculptra is an injectable product that helps your body create more collagen.  It works in just a few weeks to improve contour and volume.  Best of all, there is no downtime whatsoever!


“I believe all procedures, whether simple or complex, require finesse and attention to detail. This approach can lead to a refined result that looks natural and highlights your own beauty and personality."

Dr. Patel

Dr Nikesh Patel is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with advanced Cosmetic Surgery training from the Cleveland Clinic.  He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, and the New Jersey Society of Plastic Surgeons.  He has been nominated as a Top Doc by numerous publications.


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 Dr. Patel never rushes your appointments and is truly happy personally and professionally when his patients are content and ecstatic with his results. His staff is extremely helpful and is very personable. You never feel like a number or just another patient. At every visit and every phone call home they make you feel like they have known you for years. Dr. Patel and is office is very professional and efficient. Dr. Patel and his office should be praised on their personal care. I have to say one of the best decisions I ever made was to have this surgery and more importantly having a warm and caring physician like Dr. Patel to have as my plastic surgeon. My surgery was a success and the outcome was exceptional and I have Dr. Patel to thank for this!


I had been debating on getting plastic surgery for a while. After meeting with a couple doctors, I wasn’t impressed. When I met Dr. Patel, he was the first surgeon to make me feel comfortable. He talked to me like a person- not just a number or someone beneath him. He was educated, articulate, and non judgmental. 


I am incredibly in awe and amazement with the results of the procedure! I am so delighted to have taken the steps to have this surgery, but more importantly I am so pleased with my decision of having Dr. Patel as my plastic surgeon. He is such a warm, caring, supportive, and compassionate physician- and really one in a few you will ever encounter who really takes his time to understand what you want from the surgery and explain to you what can be expected. He gave his absolute best in performing the surgery and gave me a phenomenal outcome that was beyond my expectations. I will be forever be grateful to him and his staff for giving me a more confident body. I would most definitely very highly recommend him to anyone.


Dr. Patel is honest and right there to answer any questions you have. Dr. Patel isn’t there for the money he is there because he like what he does and is great at it. And wants you to feel good about yourself. My boyfriend is hard to impress and thinks everyone is a sales person. When we left he didn’t have that feeling about Dr. Patel. Dr. Patel tells you step by step of what will happen and needs to be done. I’m so happy that I did it. I love his work but most of all I love my look. 


At the time of my consultation I had no doubt that Dr. Patel was educated, updated on the best medical procedure for me, and most of all was interested in my overall goal of taking some weight off but not losing my natural body type. At all times I was comfortable and trusted him knowing he would do his absolute best to give me a perfect outcome- perfect size, hardly any scars, great placement. Dr. Patel runs his practice so meticulously and along with Liz they really care about your well-being and are there for all questions, I would highly recommend them for any cosmetic or reconstructive procedure.


The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking of Dr. Nikesh Patel is his genuine care for his patient. His “bedside manner” is probably the best I have ever encountered. Going into the surgery I was nervous and excited at the same time.  That night Dr. Patel called my house to follow up on me and also made sure he saw me the next day. I was totally impressed with how he truly cared and had so much compassion for his patient.


Dr. Patel was gentle and a perfectionist in this surgery. Aside from my surgery, Dr. Patel has convenient appointments and tries to work with your schedule. He is always open to questions and concerns you have with prompt responses. I am never rushed as I feel usually nowadays from doctors and there is rarely a wait at all. Liz, the office manager is also very helpful and always available.